JUNE 2010: I’m Jonah’s mom. He’s two. He likes trains, cars, pizza, bananas and yogurt.

I’m married to Lee. We’re going on 11 years together, 8 years married. He is an artist, graphic designer, art director, photographer, and an all-around good guy.

Family: 2008





I work in publishing where I’ve been marketing and publicizing books for eight years. I’m witnessing and participating in the transition to e-books and all things digital in the book world. If nothing else it is keeping us book hustlers on the edge of our seats. And it is pretty fascinating to boot.

We live right on the Berkeley/Oakland border in Northern California. I love the Bay Area. The local tourism board should hire me to evangelize but clearly I already do it for free.

Lee and I took a cooking class in Thailand in 2001.  It changed everything. We now cook a lot. And not just Thai food. In fact we barely ever do Thai food anymore because Thai Delight does a much better (and faster) job than we do.

I have never kept a plant alive in my life, not even a Chia Pet, but this year we started a garden, mostly to grow our own food for cooking. I’m now addicted to making things grow and I take wilting leaves personally.  Overall though, so far so good on the thriving to wilting ratio.

To be determined whether I will enjoy maintaining hi morning. But I like to tell stories through words and images and I like to share experiences.  It should work out.


I dabble in digital marketing by day.  This involves advising authors how to use social media and blogs to build their platform and expand their exposure.  I can be heard dispensing the advice that it is now easy to develop and manage your own presence, that the playing field has leveled with tools such as WordPress, Tumblr and social media. I tell authors not to pay an expensive developer when these amazing (and inexpensive) tools are at our disposal.

So for a number of reasons I have decided to practice what I preach.  Now sure, I don’t have a book to promote and I have a long list of social media anxieties, but in an effort to stay current and ditch the wonky website we started when our son was born, I’m simply establishing a new online home.

At this little self-hosted WordPress blog I’ll record observations on parenthood, publishing, cooking, gardening and other stuff.  I’ll put a roof over the head of the photos and videos we  take.  And hopefully in the process I’ll learn a few things while I tinker with themes, plugins, widgets, css, and the other infinite possibilities this medium presents.