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The Garden

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

When we moved-in the house had a small lawn and some lollipop-type rose bushes in the front.  We gave away the roses and let the lawn go in the drought. After which, we fondly referred to our small front and back spaces as dirt pits. We finally did something about it…


And here is the yard after the drought. All we did in that intervening time is remove the rose bushes in front, remove an old tree in back, and let things get pretty overgrown and unwieldy. 


Home improvement…

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Several projects in recent months, many more to come…

A place to eat in the kitchen!


Transforming playroom into Lilah’s room — fixing ceiling and walls.


Painting Lilah’s room


Lilah’s room


Jonah’s room

Ceilings done!

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Now that the ceilings are done I peeled off the elephant board that has been covering the floor for 3 weeks, and the plastic lining some of the walls. We put up a  shelving system we’ve been planning and prepping for (Lee and I bought the elements and stained the boards a month ago).  And we put up light fixtures.  Until now we’ve just had bulbs hanging from holes in the ceiling.

To complicate matters during this time, Lee had both a business trip and a personal trip to see his folks. So the kids and I collaborated on the final weekend to pull up the board and get rid of the dust and dirt that accumulated during the messy work of having ceilings finished.  I couldn’t be happier to be out of this phase…  I think we’re just going to enjoy the dang place for the rest of the year, host guests, and settle-in.  More house work to come in 2016.


Showing this photo only because later in the post you can see how this corner transformed.


This is from around move-in time.  If you look close you can see how cracked and gnarly the ceiling looked after the popcorn was scraped.


Prepped for ceiling work.


Before the ground got too dusty, we spent time as a family drawing on the elephant board on the floor. I traced the kiddos.


Sheetrock in. Taping,  mudding, painting still to come.


Standards are in, just touching up some spots the wall — filling holes and painting — before putting up shelves. Handyman put in the standards, I did the rest, including the patching here and in other areas of the house that needed it.


Good shot of the ceiling here, as well as the bare bones shelves going in.


I took help wherever I could get it this final weekend.


This guy helped for real. He was awesome. He really liked helping pull up the elephant board and jumping on it to flatten it (which of course just made dust fly out everywhere).


This is where I left things off. It is a work in progress and awaits Lee’s return from Denver.


New light fixture in the entrance. Another cool shot of the ceiling




One down…

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Working on the house is slow going. We are 2+ weeks in to a project that is much larger than anticipated. The kids were sleeping in the small playroom (Lilah’s future bedroom), and half of the house is covered in cardboard and plastic, furniture mostly moved out. The kids have been troopers though and we are all excited for the end result. This weekend however I decided I couldn’t wait another day to get the kids into their room, so we painted it ourselves–ceiling, walls and baseboards. It was arduous but gratifying. We still have a few odds and ends to attend to (hang a light fixture and some art, maybe a rug and painting the panels of Jonah’s bed) but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome so far.

ceilings being sheet-rocked, taped and mudded


sleeping in the playroom, jonah on a mattress on the floor. nowhere to stand!


priming and painting in progress


finished! incredible gratification. Photo is a little wonky since it is a panorama but you get the idea…